About us

Company overview

A large number of parents are now a part of 9-6 work culture. The busy lifestyle has created a large communication gap between parents & teachers.

Parents are worried about security of their child and day-to-day academic progress, whereas Educational Institutes are under pressure of academics and compliances. Therefore, precise communication is a big challenge faced by Parents as well as Educational Institutes.

360Track helps Parents and educational institutes to be on the same platform and communicate seamlessly with each other and thus efficiently contribute to child’s academic growth.

our philosophy

  • Vision: To Empower Educational Institutes by Making their Operations Secured, Automated & Organized.
  • Mission: To Achieve Overall Growth through Cutting-edge Technology, Superior User Experience, Innovation & staying Relevant to Market Needs.
  • Values: Quality and Commitment.
  • Guiding Principle: Strict Adherence to Standards.
  • Culture: Fair Play.